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    Trigger an alert if OID is not able to be polled


      I'm trying to set up an alert to trigger if a static route is missing from a Cisco router. I'm able to get this information via SNMP and have created a custom poller for the OID  of + the IP address. Example using

      IP-FORWARD-MIB::ipCidrRouteNextHop. = IpAddress:


      This returns the static route information and the next hop information ( Now if I test for a static route that is not configured ( I get the following:

      IP-FORWARD-MIB::ipCidrRouteNextHop. = No Such Instance currently exists at this OID


      I need to be able to set up an alert so that in this example an email would be sent if is not configured on the router. Is there a way to trigger an alert in this type of scenario?