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    NetPath data validation?


      NetPath is an awesome powerful tool that gives great insight into where packet loss and latency issues reside. 


      There is one kind of big problem with it being a unique tool.  There is no "traditional" network troubleshooting tool (that I'm aware of at least) that can duplicate the data it's showing as there's really nothing like it out there.


      Based on the awesome presentation that cobrien gave at the Chicago SWUG on NetPath, it's my understanding that ping and traceroute don't take the same path as "normal" data packets and therefore aren't accurate indicators of network traffic.  Also add in the fact that ICMP traffic is normally given a lower priority over data.  NetPath gets around this by simulating "data" traffic to the destination address and on the port that you define.  I trust in NetPath but, the "old-timers" who've been using ping and traceroute for years to troubleshoot are harder to convince.


      So, how can I show hard data to prove that what NetPath is showing is accurate?  Is there a more widely accepted network troubleshooting tool? Some magic Cisco IOS command I'm not aware of? Is perhaps NetPath way ahead of the game and we just have to go with it?