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    Solarwinds IPAM : Does It Provide a way to Map Ranges to the Groups



      We recently purchased the IPAM and I started building it up by adding the DHCP servers so that worldwide IP subnets could be fetched. These subnets are now hierarchially put into several groups represented in the form of Regions and Countries  For e.g, We have 4 regions, and under each region several countries and each country has sub-range. Each country group contains the subnets from DHCP.


      With this IPAM solution I still miss still the Broad Network Range which I should be allocating to the Groups

      e.g I want to allocate to AMS to APAC to EMEA to LA


      and further on, for each country group , I want to assign further sub-range e.g USA -


      I get the feeling the Solarwinds IPAM currently does not provide this and this are basic features. Can anyone correct me if I am wrong.