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    DNSStuff showing no MX records


      I am using DNSStuff to check out a domain in transfer.  It picked up the NS changes almost straight away but is reporting no MX - the ISP shows MX records are there and mail works -




      Any ideas?  How do I correct this?







      StatusTest NameInformation


      SOA record checkNo nameservers provided an SOA record for the zone. You should configure your nameservers to have a master slave relationship. The update of the zone information to the slave nameservers should be handled through the SOA record.





      StatusTest NameInformation


      MX records checkNo MX records exist within the zone. This is legal, but if you want to receive E-mail on this domain, you should have MX record(s). The program can't continue in a case like this, so we are assuming you don't receive mail on this domain.