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    Child Ticket Inheritance of Client Info?


      In the effort to have automated cascading requests, we have attempted to create a situation where one ticket creates linked child tickets.  This works to a point...



      It seems that the the parent ticket customer information cannot be inherited automatically to the child tickets either as a related and enforced relationship of the parent ticket or a copy option like many other fields in a "Ticket > Task"



      Any ideas on how client information for any Child ticket could be populated automatically from the Parent request ticket?



      For example, an iPad user requests to have a VPN account.  Smart Card authentication (PIV or CAC) is enforced for users in our enterprise. Because smart cards are last century tech and do not support mobile, this means that to have VPN with iPad, you must have an exemption for using the smart card for authentication. (Cisco AnyConnect on mobile also does not support smart card tech).  This means, as a courtesy to the user, we need to automatically generate a smart card exemption request on their behalf when they ask for VPN or CAG to use with iPad. The system can copy the information in the "Ticket > Task" like location, department, request detail and enforce a link back to the parent ticket. For some strange reason there is no way to pull the ownership / client information through to a new child ticket... "inconceivable!".



      Without the ownership information being pulled through, the new child ticket cannot be successfully edited and saved. The ticket itself has no way to pull the client information from the parent either, no button, nothing.  My support staff is stuck clicking on the parent link, copying the last name, memorizing the first name, then switching back to the child ticket, then search-assigning the ticket to the client. We have had over 1000 VPN/CAG requests come in within the last 60 calendar days and that number is climbing. By the end of the year this manual Parent-Child-Client-Info transfer will have been executed at least 13,000 times for the iPad users.  If this process takes some 3 minutes from opening the ticket through the change and saving to opening the next ticket; that means 39,000 staff minutes or 650 staff hours. If I pay $22/hour with benefits and infrastructure, that is roughly $30/hr. As is, the manual Parent-Child-Client-Info transfer stands to cost an upwards of $19,500 or ⅓ FTE/yr.