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    Extra Characters in Node Custom Property Value String


      Please forgive me if my first attempt at describing the issue falls short.

      At times support staff will copy a value(most often a host name) from SolarWInds(Node details page, for example) to paste that value into another app, even one as simple as a command prompt.

      From all other resource types I have checked so far, the only one which is demonstrating unexpected behavior is "Custom Properties for Nodes".

      Steps to reproduce:
      --set a custom property on a node to something that includes periods, example: servername.subdomain.domain.com

      --while viewing Node Details for a node, highlight and copy that value from the Custom Properties for Nodes resource to clipboard.

      --paste the value into a command prompt.


      What I am getting is: "servername.s ubdomain.d omain.com" (note the spaces)

      When I paste it into Notepad and convert it to ANSI, I see "servername.s​ubdomain.d​omain.com" (note the instances of "​")


      This does not happen when copying values, including fully qualified domain names, from other resource types on the Node Details page.


      Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions would be appreciated.