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    threat intelligence events


      I recently enabled the Threat Intelligence feed on our LEM:



      I've been monitoring the "Threat Events" filter on the LEM (v6.3) and am trying to figure out the what/why/how of what I'm seeing. Its supposedly logging IP traffic detected by our Meraki access points from random external source IPs to other random external destination IPs, none of which are related to our network. These source and destination IPs are different each time. If anyone could take a look at these screenshots below and has any idea what might be going on, please let me know! Thanks


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 is owned by an ISP called Tektronix in Beaverton, Oregon.  This seems to match an entry on the current EmergingThreats black list: (as of Jan 27, 2017)  That mask covers from to, so it's possible that the blacklist is over-broad. (Or maybe the Earth Defense Alliance is blacklisted [Bonus points for getting the reference])


 is owned by AT&T Wireless in "United States."  I don't see that range on the blacklist.


          It's hard to say without more information, but it appears that you have an AT&T customer on your wi-fi hitting a potentially bad IP.

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              Thanks curtisi. That one example kind of makes sense, but most of them don't. For example, the source is Asia Pacific Network with destination which is Uruguay. It doesn't make sense as to why our Meraki wireless access points would be logging such random traffic. There's also no consistency to the logs either, no repeating IP addresses whatsoever.


              I'm going to open a ticket with Meraki about this since I'm really scratching my head here.