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    NCM 7.5.1


      I was forced to move from NCM 7.2.2 to NCM 7.5.1 due to Windows problems.


      The 2 databases that was used in NCM 7.2.2 have been moved to a seperate SQL 2014 Server (ConfigMgmt and SolarWindsOrion)

      NCM 7.5.1 has been installed on a new VM running Windows Server 2012, and database SolarWindsOrion has been linked, that part is all good.


      I can't find anywhere to link to database ConfigMgmt


      I see all the devices in Solarwinds NCM, but the config download and connection profiles are all gone. Hoping I don't have to set it up again


      Any assistance appreciated.

        • Re: NCM 7.5.1

          Yes, that will be an issue.  The Config Management DB was merged into the Core DB a few versions ago. 


          2 courses of action:

          1. Open a ticket with support.  They will have to work their SQL Magic if possible.

          2. Start from Scratch.  Your nodes should be in the new database, but will may have to verify the NCM portion of the node "Properties".



          Try to develop a Software Maintenance schedule to ensure you are following the latest updates.