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    Transaction log Freespace alert


      This is my first time posting a question and using the Alert feature within DPA.  So please be gentle


      I am setting up an alert to e-mail when the transaction log free space hits a certain percentage.  However, I am misunderstanding what the High, Medium and Low options represent.  I chose LOW and set the min to 10 and max to 25.  I interpret that to mean basically e-mail me when any of the log files for the SQL instance I am monitoring gets to 25% free space or less remaining.  However, I have one log file that is 4% free yet that is identified as NORMAL in DPA.


      1) Am I interpreting the HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW incorrectly?

      2) what determines NORMAL?




        • Re: Transaction log Freespace alert

          OK, gentle it is. 8 )

          For freespace, you have to kind of think in reverse.

          Also, you don't have to fill in all of the threshold levels.

          My recommendation is to set the following values:

               High:  min(0), max(10)

               Medium: min(10), max(20)


          Run a test on the alert against the one with low space and make sure it triggers.

          After that, you can play around with the numbers to suit your environment.

          Hope this helps...