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    Selecting Nested linked Tables SWQL


      I really think I need to learn SQL and how to do Joins....


      I know I can do this...

      SELECT NodeID,IPAddress, I.Interfaces.Caption
      FROM Orion.Nodes I


      But I know the Interfaces table has linked tables. Like Availability, Errors. How can I Select things out oh those?Can I do nested things like

      Select I.Interfaces.B.Avaliability.Weight
      From Orion.Nodes I I.Interfaces.B


      Or something Similar? What I'm trying to do is Get all unknown Windows_OS applications, But I also Want the Components status for each applications, and the error msg. I have 3 SWQL query's that gets it in 3 parts, but nothing that returns it all. I'm trying to get NodeID, Caption, IP_address, App name, App ID, Componet names, component IDs, and the Errors. I'm fine with the components even being in it's own rows.