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    Creating Child Tickets




      When viewing a ticket I'll often want to create child tickets to assign tasks to others, the only way to do this at the moment is to exit the current ticket, click new ticket, put in the details and then link it (hopefully having remembered the original ticket number).


      I'd like to have a button to create a child ticket for the ticket I am currently viewing.  This seems like a fairly obvious function to me, does it already exist?  I don't think bulk actions or tasks can do this but I'd be happy to be proved wrong.



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          Hey Ian,


          Creating child tickets from an open ticket is not an existing feature in the product. However, if the ticket you are attempting to make is somewhat predictable, I've had success with using Action Rules to achieve this. If you make a Ticket Custom Field that looks like the following *as an example*:


          Label - Create Child Ticket?

          Type - Single Choice

          Options - Yes;No


          You could have an Action Rule pick up on a ticket update with the Ticket Custom Field for 'Create Child Ticket?' answer Yes, and the Action could be to add a Task to that ticket inheriting just a few details.


          I hope this helps!