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    Python - Newly added Node doesn't have/get "Customeproperties"


      I can add a node with Python and that works fine, but when I try to update the Custom properties,

          swis.update(uri + "/CustomProperties", NodeID=nodeid)


      It's not working, Also when I read Custom Properties it doesn't have any value

      {u'Building': None, u'DisplayName': None, u'Description': None, u'NodeID': None, u'Uri': None, u'Imported_From_NCM': None, u'InstanceType': None, u'CustomerName': None}



      If I ran the same commands for a Node that I added with GUI, everything works. For example I can read , and update the CustomerName

      {u'Building': u'HAR', u'DisplayName': None, u'Description': None, u'NodeID': 2535, u'Uri': u'swis://xxx/Orion/Orion.Nodes/NodeID=2535/CustomProperties', u'Imported_From_NCM': False, u'InstanceType': u'Orion.NodesCustomProperties', u'CustomerName': None}


      Any help!? Why it's not working when I add that with Code?