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    How to allow exceptions to accounts to create tickets via email?


      I have WHD setup so that new tickets can only be created via the Web Interface as can be seen below:


      WHD Email Ticket Only.png


      I do have some cases where I would like some of my systems to be able to generate alerts into the system and create tickets via email; is there a way to allow exceptions to this for situations such as that?  If not is there a better way to configure the system to get this desired result?


      Thanks in advance for any help with this!

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          This might work but i can't say for sure as I haven't tested it (but it looks promising):



          You could enable that setting (Clients Can Create Tickets Using:   E-mail), then:

          1. Create a mailbox in your email environment for your system like:   IncrediblyUsefulSystem@mycompany.com.
          2. Create a dummy Client user for your system (or a general one like SystemRequestUser)
          3. Create a particular Request Type like:   IncrediblyUsefulSystemIssues
          4. Under Setup -> E-Mail -> Incoming Mail Settings   you would create a new entry there and define the Request Type that it uses to be that IncrediblyUsefulSystemIssues one that you made prior.

          Now, any emails sent to that email address will create a ticket and assign it to that Request Type (which can be automatically assigned to a Tech Group of your choosing).


          How to keep other users from creating tickets via email also?
          From what I can see, the "Clients Can Create Tickets Using" setting can be overridden at the Location level.   So if your Clients have Locations you could Edit each Location to set that to only "web interface"

          You might need to create a special Location for your dummy client user so that user doesn't get restricted that way.

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