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    remote to workstations on a different domain


      Hi folks,

      (although we've been using MRC for ages, we need to get smarter so advice is welcomed!)

      The deal is that most of our customers are on the same domain as us. Brill... no issues!

      However, a significant group of our customers are on other domains, and I've not found a great way yet to remote onto them.  We need to remote onto end user's workstation when they need support.  I've tried emailing them a link to the internet session (File>Invite User to join remote session), but it's a bit clunky - the user has to tell me their email address, then I have to type it into the to: field, then they have to wait for the email, open it up, etc.etc..  Is there a quicker way to invite a user to join? In the past, I've used a system of sharing a PIN number, although I can't recall whether that was using MRC or another product... !