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    Mass Alert Help


      We use NPM to monitor a remote site with about 20 computers. Whenever the circuit between the two goes down, we get 20 alerts, one for each machine we monitor. How do we set alerts up so that we get only one alert when this happens? We tried using groups, but when a device within that group goes down, we are alerted that the group is down. The group is not down, but one device within the group is.

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          Steven Klassen

          Hi there, what you're looking for is dependencies. Turn off the group down alert notification - that's just causing noise. Instead use a node down notification so you can benefit from the nodes in your group getting an "unreachable" status when their parent node (or group) goes down (usually a core router or switch).


          1. Put the 20 computers in a group (e.g., Los Angeles LAN).
          2. Put 1..n devices that are your choke point into that area of your network into a group set to "show best status" (e.g., Los Angeles WAN).
          3. Create a dependency between Los Angeles WAN (parent) and Los Angeles LAN (child).
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            You need  make alerts for nodes.

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