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    WHD Ticketing


      Hi everyone,

      I am new to Solarwinds I have a question about WHD, I want to know, if a end user finds an issue in network, how can he create a ticket for WHD team, he is a normal user not a technician.

      I can confused that a normal end user has no account of WHD so how can he create ticket in WHD. Kindly tell the procedure of this. Thanks

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          All users can create tickets on the system, either by email or by the user portal.   Its then in queue for your WHD team to look in to and answer when complete.   You have unlimited users only limited to technicians.  So we imported all our AD users in to WHD and have it sync so as we create new users they are added.   They receive an email with the WHD user portal information automatically where they can create tickets about any matter.   Also emailing the help desk allows you to classify the ticket where you need it especially if the user isn't quite sure where to assign it. 

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