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    0 IP(s) were found and manually added subnets not displayed on Manage Subnets & IP addresses tab


      new installation of IPAM onto a server running NPM, NTA and SAM. (versions: Orion Platform 2015.1.3, IPAM 4.1, NCM 7.4.1, NPM 11.5.3, DPA 10.0.1, QoE 2.0, NTA 3.11.0, IVIM 2.1.1, SAM 6.2.3 )


      I've added 4 subnets manually. For each subnet, IPAM scanning returns "0 IP(s) were found. The scan duration was '0' minutes". One of the subnets is the servers own subnet.

      Futher, when I look in the "Manage Subnets & IP addresses" tab nothing is displayed:



      Any suggestions as to what's going wrong?