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    UDT port vs NPM interface


      Some aspects of managing UDT ports still confuse me a little. Here are a couple of clarifying questions.


      1. True or False - One must monitor an interface by NPM before it can be monitored as a port by UDT.

      2. If #1 is False, then how does one add new ports to a node that already exists in Orion?

      3. I am able to Search for and find a hostname, but when I drill down the the Endpoint Details view, no Current or Historical Connection data is present. Why is this? The node has certainly been connected for quite some time.


      Thanks for any help.

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          Steven Klassen

          Hi there! Answers below.


          1. False.
          2. Settings > UDT Settings > Manage Ports > Click Add Port > Select Nodes > Wait for Polling > Choose Ports.
          3. Likely due to not having them polled in UDT currently.
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              I have the same issue regarding issue 1 and 2


              I'm evaluating UDT, and not-connected interfaces are not showing up in UDT, and I do not wish to monitor the interfaces with NPM.


              I attempted to follow step 2 but the "Click Add Port" option is not there - I can attach screenshot.


              One of my main issues is on the summary page. The top 10 nodes by percent ports used. My top 10 all say 100% used, and this is because the not connected ports are not being monitored with UDT.


              Running UDT 3.2.4

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                  With the help of our SE we were able to figure this out with the following


                  When you did the import of UDT nodes – the default is to only monitor the ports that are Operationally UP – and not the ones that are DOWN…. Therefore if you only pull those ports – they are at 100%.


                  If you did an auto-discovery using Network Sonar; you can check the discovery radio button – and select “Import All Results”.


                  Once there,  unselect all interfaces (if you have NPM, and assuming you do not want to add/delete any more interfaces from NPM)


                  ** The next tab in the discovery is PORTS – and that is UDT


                  Select “Operationally Down”, and even “Administratively Down” and then “RESELECT PORTS