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    Set ticket due date/time from custom field?


      Hi, quick question.


      Is it possible to set a ticket due date/time (status & schedule section) automatically based on a custom field? We use several forms that use a custom start time/end time and date field.




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          When a ticket is submitted, the due date/time would be based on the Priority of the ticket.   Each Request Type will have a default Priority associated with it so each ticket will get a due date/time on creation.  You can define your own custom Priority levels if you want.


          I would think you could, however, have a custom field - perhaps a dropdown list - of your own creation with different options, and you could set up an Action Rule to change the Priority of the ticket based on what is selected in that ticket custom field.  That should alter the due date/time based on the 'new' priority that was set.

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              This is helpful, but won't work for us. We get requests for many different date/times so priority would not be a catch all. For example, we may get two requests today - one for an event that will take place tomorrow, and another request that takes place next month. That's why we need it to pull the due date from the custom field.