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    Report from multiple Universal Device Pollers


      Hello - firstly apologies if this is in the wrong section...


      I am trying to create a report from a Fortigate device where on the report I have the following columns:


      Device - Avg CPU - Max CPU - Avg Memory - Max Memory


      So far, I've created the pollers - named FGCPU and FGMemory, both keeping historical values.


      I've also been able to get in a report only FGCPU Max value (and Min Value).... I've read on a few forum posts that I need to do SQL statements within SQL statements to have multiple values from universal device pollers... all of the examples I've found do not apply to historical data


      My report currently looks like


      Select Fields:

           Field: Node Name sort: ascending function: *

           Field: Status sort: * function: MIN

           Field: Status sort: * function: MAX


      Filter Results:

           Records where Node Name contains <nameofcustomer>

           Records where Poller Name is equal to FGCPU


      Time Frame: This Month


      Field Formatting


                Format: Numerical Data

                Format String: 0

                Units: %


      My questions are:


      1) How can I find the average value and have this diplayed in a column?

      2) How can I add the FGMem information (same info, average and MAX) into the same row of each device


      I've attached the SQL view from the report - is there someone who can help me please?