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    NCM report not showing all switches


      NPM shows one of my switch stacks has the maximum of 9 switches.  I can see their health, power supplies, and so on.


      When I run a report based on

      NodeID must not be empty


      Vendor is Cisco


      MachineType is Cisco Catalyst 36xx


      Class is 3


      (This is identical to the 37xx switch report, I modified it and grabbed the machinetype info from my 36xx stack)


      Whatever the case, it grabs most of the data from my switches but not all of it.  I have tried this in both preview mode and fully running the report.  Is there any easy way to get a full count of how many switches we have with NCM reporting or the Report Writer tool on the server?

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          I'm thinking that some of the switches you intend to include are reporting different info for one of the many things you're testing.

          Check each of those comparisons on a switch that you think it should include but it doesn't. You'll probably find one difference that's causing it to be left out.
          My reports usually have fewer comparisons. I always use Vendor=Cisco and usually find only one more thing to include (i.e. SystemName = [what I'm looking for] or MachineType=Cisco Catalyst 37xx) and sometimes more to exclude (i.e. System Name does not include *mdf-*).


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            Check the Class Column in the NCM_Entity_Physical Table in your DB


            or Display the class column and look for empty classes. These nodes will be filtered out by the class = 3.  I am currently looking for a cause/fix for this possibility.