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    HA, FOE's and Disaster Recovery


      I'm interested to get feedback on how people have started using the HA module as well as any users that have the FOE's running and how you handle Disaster Recovery.

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          I started down this road.


          And then management changed my direction at 11th hour.  Ended up administering four environments separately instead of two FoE installations.


          Anyone else?

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            FoE works for us. I would like better management of it. I'm not impressed by the product architecture of either/


            FoE is harder than it needs to be to maintain

            -> application upgrade is painful

            -> invisible status outside of the servers.


            HA is harder than it needs to be to get running

            -> LAN only, but may be not true

            -> claims to not be a DR solution

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              The latest version of the Orion Platform available on Orion products provides the following key features:

              • Multi-subnet deployments (WAN deployments for disaster recovery) - Install your backup server software on a server that is connected to a separate subnet that can communicate with your primary server. When you set up your HA pool, the software detects that the backup server is on a different subnet and allows you to provide a virtual hostname and DNS information.
              • Virtual hostname support - Use a virtual hostname in either a single-subnet or multi-subnet HA pool deployment.
              • Supports Microsoft and BIND DNS, and allows you to integrate with your own DNS solution - SolarWinds HA natively supports Microsoft and BIND DNS. However, we provide some guidance and templates so you can deploy our solution with your DNS software.
              • Select a preferred active server - Choose which server will be the active server. If a failover occurs, the software fails back to the preferred active server as soon as it is up.

              Feature overview is available here: Orion Platform 2017.3 feature: High Availability (DR) - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support