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    Merging files in existing folders?


      I am helping a local accounting firm migrate their infrastructure to a virtual cloud environment where they have multiple virtual desktops and one virtual server with their data on it. Prior to moving their data, one of their daily duties was to scan documents into PDF's and drop them on a network share in a particular folder for their customer(s) for data retention. Now that they are using a cloud, this process becomes more challenging. My thought was to use the Voyager FTP solution along with Voyager FTP Scheduler to take files scanned on a desktop and saved locally on a folder and sync it with their virtual server via an FTP connection. If I create a folder on the virtual server called "tempscans" and kick off the task on Voyager Scheduler, it will save this file to the correct folder. Now I am wondering if this utility can merge files in existing folders when it does it's scheduled sync? My thought was to create a local folder on each local desktop with just the folder structure that has the names of their customers only minus any files. That way, when they scan a document into PDF, they can perform a "Save As" option to the respected folder and hopefully, when the scheduled sync kicks off, it will just merge that new file in with the existing and in the existing folder.

      Is this possible with this client?