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    Universal Device Poller: Get "unsupported". But MIB Walker and MIB Browser can pull values?



      - Running NPM v12.0.0 and MIB database from 11/16/2016.

      - Trying to pull custom OID on a "Sierra Wireless" airlink device, OID



      - Added device to NPM and it "took" using SNMP v2c to pull data for "standard monitoring".  When trying to create a Universal Device Poller", get "unsupported"...but other tools can pull back the data.


      These "Engineers toolset" tools can browse to the device, get to the OID, and actually show the value:

      - SolarWinds MIB Browser

      - SolarWinds MIB Walker


      These tools can walk all the way down to the OID (it can walk or recognizes the OIDs in some way), but return "unsupported"

      - Universal Device Poller = Can walk to and select the OID, but the "tester" returns "The OID is not supported"

      - The Orion web console, under the device management for "MIB Walker", can walk to and select the OID, but when selected it returns "UNSUPPORTED"



      - My MIB DB isn't that old, and these devices "are not new or unusual" according to some people.  Why is there a discrepancy between the tools in being able to pull the data in some tools  but not others?

      - I could update the MIB DB (it looks like I have to take an outage to do so, go though change control, etc.), and I've seen *many* posts (some over 8+ years old) talking about the MIB database and what it's roles are from old versions of NPM...but is there a way *today* to validate my MIB(s)/OID's are in the database before importing it?  The consensus seems to be that you must import the latest MIB DB into NPM, then if it creating a new device poller still doesn't work you send the OID into support (somehow...make a ticket?) ... then wait patiently?