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    Unable to Assign Custom Pollers to Agent Polled Devices?


      I just want to make sure that I am not the only one experiencing this phenomenon.


      We heavily leverage custom pollers in our environment (see The Ultimate CPU Alert...For Linux - Reloaded! for an example) and we've recently decided to go with Linux agents on all of our EC2 instances.  After adding a couple of agents (very nice!) I went to go and apply the custom pollers -- no go.  I tried the 32-bit app and the web UI.  Neither would allow me to assign pollers -- it just didn't see the node.


      Now I know that back in the day you could "trick" Orion into allow you to assign custom SNMP pollers to a WMI node by first polling that node via SNMP and then converting it to WMI, but we can't do that in this case.


      While I try and get SNMP configured on these nodes (I *just* noticed that it didn't even get configured!), could someone confirm whether or not an Linux server polled via the agent with snmp installed and configured can have custom pollers assigned to it?