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    How is hardware status data propagated from VMAN to Orion via Integration?


      With Virtualization Manager enabled, we are sending data from our VMAN environment into our Orion instance.  The datacenter engineers reached out because they had replaced some failed hardware in a host in our cluster and asked how long it took for that data to update.


      When I checked the status, I saw that the last polled time was 4:26AM.  That's an odd time since I know that the Hardware Details statuses come from the VMware API when VMAN and Orion are integrated.  We are using the default 12 hour interval for configuration polling and, when I checked, the configuration for the vCenter that manages this host was being polled at 10:30ish.  I kicked off a configuration poll anyway.  I jumped into the VIM_Hosts table and searched for my host to get the VIM_Hosts.ManagedObjectID (host-178515 in my case).  Then I jumped out to my VMAN appliance and did a 'cat /var/hyper9/logs/master.log | grep -i host-178515'


      2017-01-13 10:24:52,680 [ConfigData-8] DEBUG com.hyper9.service.configitem.storage.DataStorageProcessor$ConfigDataTask:517 - Processed config data for HostServer host-178515 for job aedecbb8-22dc-4df6-aa76-471aec556580 in 1058.771 ms


      I found this entry which indicated that the config data (vs the dozens of other log entries that said 'Processed 5120 samples' -- that is the performance data) but still no change in the hardware status on that node.


      I dug a little deeper and looked up the node in APM_HardwareInfo by the nodeID (also found in the VIM_Hosts table) and found that the LastPollTime was 2016-11-13 09:26:43.330 (NOTE:  This is obviously UTC time even though the field name doesn't say so!) and that the categories with problems shows the piece of hardware that has an issue.


      Now I am *really* confused because I thought that I should have been able to force an update to this node from VMAN by pulling the configuration data.


      After all that my question is -- How is the hardware status data updated in Orion if you have a VMAN instance integrated?  How long should it take to refresh that status data after a change is made?