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    Automated Check List


      My Help Desk has some recurring daily tasks that I would like to capture in WHD.  Some tasks must be completed by a specific time while others we just want to be able to use WHD to record that the task was completed.


      I'm new to Solarwinds WHD, but I wanted to find out if there is a way to automate the creation of these requests at a specific time each day?


      Thank you,

      Russ Diven

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          Yes, look under Setup -> Tickets -> Tasks.


          You can create a Task and define one or more "Task Elements".   Whenever the Task is executed, the Task Element(s) will each generate a ticket.  You can schedule the Task to be executed periodically at a certain time (daily/weekly/monthly)

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              For the checklist part of it:


              You may wish to create a special "Request Type"  (category) for the types of tickets you need this for.   Example:    Office Cleaning

              If desired you can also make Ticket Custom Fields which could be Text Boxes, drop-down lists, or multi-select buttons  Example:  Custom field (multi-select) with 3 options for:  Swept Floor, Emptied Trash, Washed Windows.

              You could make that custom field REQUIRED for Techs so that if they want to close the ticket they have to answer that custom field.

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                That is a nice feature. It would be even better if "Yearly" was an option.


                It could remind us when to renew our maintenance agreements.

                It could remind us to renew our SSL Certificates and Tokens.

                It could remind us of many yearly chores (for education that are only done in summer).