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    Trial for NPM and NTA


      Hi all,


      i want to ask you all how to use NPM and NTA for trial, so i will describe like this :


      I already have source for NPM 12.0 version, and i already success install it with evaluation mode. next i want to install NTA so i go to the solarwinds.com and download for the installer, and after fill the registration form i can downloaded installer. But the problem starts here, when i want to install NTA installer (on the same server as NPM) it's ask for newer version for NPM wich is 12.0.1 but when i want to upgrade my NPM it says i must go to the support portal and download newest NPM installer. Unfortunately i can't register on support portal because i not yet buy a product for this module. can anyone give me explanation about this ? I mean the first thing i wanna do is try this module (NPM & NTA) before purchase it for my customer.