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    Report on NPM


      So i need some report help.  How do you create a report that will show a certian interface utilization for several different devices over a week span with 30 min intervals? 

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          I have done that . You need to login to the server and create the data-source  and select the nodes that you need report on .

          I did it for all our sales office and schedule it for every day at 5:00 PM.

          So it send me a pdf report every day  about the interface utilization

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            Hi Gadbekr,


            This method will give you hour summarization, if the 30 minute intervals are a must something can be scripted out. Or someone might already have such report on the forum.


            Step 1: Open the “Orion Report Writer “

            Step 2: Select “New Report” and select “Historical – Interface Traffic”

            Step 3: Navigate to the Select Field tab and make the following selections (you can change this based on your specific requirements)

            • Date sort ascending
            • Node Name
            • Interface Caption
            • Recv Percent Utilization
            • XMit Percent Utilization



            Step 4: Navigate to Filter Results. This is where you are going to define what interfaces you’re going to be reporting on. To filter based on interface name, select the following:

            • Set the first condition to Any
            • Records Where Interface Caption Equal ‘interface information here’
            • Continue setting the same conditions for as many interfaces that you want reports on.


            Step 5: Navigate to the Top XX to make sure you are showing all records

            Step 6: Define your desired time frame

            Step 7: Summarize your data according to your needs. Un-summarized results will give you every single value the db has during your defined time frame.


            Once you’ve completed the steps above you can email the report out, or you can present it on a dashboard.