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    SolarWinds DPA Review - Saved my Bacon!

      1. Our Company is in the insurance industry, underwrites for motor carrier.
      2. Our It Shop is medium, 251-2000 elements.
      3. I am reviewing for the SolarWinds - Database Performance Analyzer
      4. When DPA was purchased, we were testing out  various SQL database monitoring tools and found DPA to be user friendly and easy to interpret.
      5. Other tools being considered were:
        1. Idera - SQL Diagnostic Manager
        2. SQLSentry - SQL Sentry monitoring software
      6. We are currently using DPA to monitor our important SQL instances and have benefited in the fact that we are able to do below after two days of monitoring:
        1. Find troublesome queries, analyze them, and find the correct action to take to resolve the issue.
          1. We were able to use DPA to increase performance on multiple database servers and thus make our end users happier.
        2. Review weekly and monthly performance metrics of our SQL servers to see whether or not they are improving or getting worse.
        3. Quickly troubleshoot databases, as DPA gives real-time statistics of databases so we know when an issue is occurring.
          1. This has helped me multiple times find the issue before the end user reports it, allowing us to fix the issue as soon as possible.


      Overall, DPA has helped us and I enjoy using it!