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    Web Help Desk 12.5 Import from AD specific groups/departments


      My organization is currently in the process of implementing Web Help Desk 12.5 along with Dameware Remote Support. We are using a hosted solution provided by a technology group provided to us by the state. They have several site hosted on the same domain. Is there a way of drilling into the domain to pull specific departments out so I'm not importing 30,000 users only 200 of which are mine? Essentially we are not domain admins, but OU admins for our specific client within this large domain.


      I've inserted an image that gives a basic idea of how we are situated in AD. What I want to do is pull the Departments highlighted in red that go from Domain>Hosted Clients>Client C>Department A, Department B, etc. I'd like to pull these individually so I can stagger the synchronization schedules to limit the network impact.


      Domain Schema.jpg

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          You can create one (or more) LDAP connections to your Active Directory environment.   Each LDAP connection can be pointed to a particular container and can (optionally) pick up the users from the other containers below it.


          When you define the LDAP connection (Setup -> Clients -> AD/LDAP Connections) there is a field called Users DN located under the Advanced section.  That is the field that you can modify to point to your specific container.

          ldap users dn.png


          Side note:  one level 'up' from this dialog there is a button you can click to "Sync now".   That option is not enabled unless you have the "bulk synchronization" option enabled in LDAP connection settings (hence why i highlighted it in that screenshot).

          If you decide you want to enable that, FIRST go up to Setup -> Clients -> Options and make sure that the "E-Mail Client When Account is Created" box is NOT CHECKED unless you want to email blast a bunch of people.   The default is that the box is not checked, but I always like to double-check that to make sure.