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    Change in shown dashboard results post 12.5 upgrade


      We finally upgraded to 12.5 in production (YAY tech approvals through tech interface) but have noticed something odd in the dashboard. It appears there is no longer an option to filter the tickets by status widget by number of weeks it just shows all data since the beginning of time so the pie piece for closed is massive as its for over 7k tickets. I am amazed I missed this when it was on our test server.


      Is anyone else seeing this?


      If yes is there a way to re enable the number of weeks filter like in the old dashboard engine from 12.4 and prior?

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          We are also experiencing issues with the new dashboard.  The Widgets for request type graphs are only displaying the Last Entry in the Request Type.


          So - we have:

          Hardware\PC\Repair Requests

          Software\Repair Requests

          Network Connectivity\Wireless Access\Repair Requests


          All being displayed as Repair Requests in the Widget with No Legend or hover-over information.


          This renders the Request Type (One of the most important in my mind!) Widget as unusable.


          Have an escalation to the Developers and hope to hear something soon!

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            There is a setting (at least in my installed-from-scratch 12.5 environment) to say how many weeks to include in dashboard data.


            It is under Setup -> General -> Options -> Max Weeks of Data in Dashboard

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