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    Patch Manager Install Advice


      Hi all,


      I'm wanting to trial patch manager in our server 2008 and 20012 environment, I'm currently running SAM and NPM on a server 2008 R2 box and WSUS on a 2012 R2 server. I'm finding conflicting information on the best practice for the patch manager install, where can the patch manager be installed? Should it be on my WSUS 2012 server or on my current Solarwinds 2008 box?

      I plan on hooking patch manager into a dedicated SQL install on a separate server.


      Many thanks in advance



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          Patch Manager can go on the WSUS server or on a different Windows server.    Many Patch Manager customers install Patch Manager on the WSUS box.


          It would probably not be recommended to install it on the Orion box with NPM/SAM, but that non-recommendation is largely based just on the potential performance hit.  I am not aware of any inherent port conflicts with Orion-based products that would affect it.

          It is a similar thing for installing Patch on WSUS - the biggest deterrent there is the potential performance hit.

          In either case - if you are using a remote SQL server to host the Patch Manager db, a lot of that competition for resources is removed.  


          Two somewhat related caveats:

          • Be aware that if you install Patch Manager and choose the "Express Install" option, it WILL install/enable WSUS on that box.  If you want to point to an existing WSUS server (whether it is remote or local), use the "Advanced Install" instead.
          • SolarWinds Orion and WSUS on the same box are not a good combination.  It may be possible to get it to work, but it will likely cause you pain in the interim.     So, to follow on from the previous bullet point:  I would not run the Express install of Patch Manager on the Orion box if you choose to co-locate Patch and Orion.