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    Variables from NPM Integration


      I have WHD and NPM integrated and tickets are being generated as I would expect and I can apply action rules with no problem. 


      I would like one of the action rules to update the body of the ticket with some of the variables that are passed to WHD from NPM.  This is important as our process then takes the WHD tickets and uses it to trigger a separate after hours escalation service but the contents of the Orion portion of the ticket doesn't pass along with the standard WHD info. 


      I've tried just using the names in the label column of the Orion info with the WHD variable syntax but that didn't do it.  I also tried to search in here but I just keep finding the same tutorial for the basic integration. 


      Thanks in advance if anyone can help me out here.  I'm really hoping this can be done because if it can't I'm going to have to change how I integrate these two products.