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    2017 - What do YOU have planned for your career?



      Now that we've finally got 2016 behind us, and the very real possibility that 2017 will be a pretty interesting year, certainly in politics, what do YOU want to do, to forward your career?


      I'll start:


      2016 was so busy, with so many challenges, both personal and in business, that I didn't add to my certifications. I had planned to compliment my platform and SolarWinds knowledge with some beginner to intermediate network skills, but I just didn't find the time. Sure, I gained a lot of knowledge, but nothing formal. So, that's priority one: Get me some new certs!


      I'll also be creating some video podcasts, although exactly what these will be about I'm keeping to myself for now. I'll share when the time comes, so you can all help me improve.


      Ok, I've shared my 2017 ambitions, now it's your turn!