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    Task not Firing

    Barry Harris

      I have a hosted WHD client that has a task that is supposed to create 10 elements (Tickets for PMs). This task was/is set to fire once a year.  I noticed that their WHD system business hours is set from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday. The task is set with a location that has no associated Location Group and thus no assigned techs. The task "Starting on" date is set to 1/9/17 and the "Next Scheduled" date is 1/9/18. The problem is that it didn't run this morning at 1:28 AM as it was scheduled to do.  I was wondering if the task has to be scheduled within the business hours and work days set at Setup>General>Time and Place?  I have been searching for anything that might have caused the task to not fire and create the 10 PM tickets but have not been able to find anything. Also, could it be that the "Starting on" day needs to be in the past so that the Next Scheduled" date is the first time it will run? This doesn't seem right but at this point I will consider anything. Please see the attachments.  Anyone have any ideas?

      Thank you,