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    Discovery Connections: SCCM


      I have tried to add our SCCM server as a discovery connection in order to match on asset serial number to populate the network name of the device.


      Discovery Tool: I have selected Microsoft SMS/SCCM

      SCCM SQL Server Database Host: I have put in the hostname of our SCCM Server, which also hosts the SQL database.

      Port: I have left at1433

      Database Name: I have entered CM_P01

      Username: I have tried a domain admin account in the format domain\administrator and also a locally setup sql user account which has permissions to the database.


      I keep getting the error: Login failed for user 'whd'. ClientConnectionId:95dade56-65bb-466a-bb5c- 111fda3cc569


      It seems like its probably a permissions issue but I am not sure what additional permissions to apply. Any ideas?