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    Displaying Location Information When Entering a Ticket


      We will be using WHD shortly to track trouble tickets for our clients and have run into a small problem.  We support several thousand locations which each have unique contact information.  We are able to enter the contact information with the location specific information.  Is it possible to have the location specific information display as part of the ticket?  Or, is there a better way to handle this?

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          I can only think of a couple of ways to do this, and neither are particularly desirable:


          1. You could have the location have a user name as part of the location name   (e.g:      AUSTIN (James Doe)      ,      HOUSTON (Mary Bee) ,   etc...)  so it is easy for the Tech (or whoever) to know  who to lookup
          2. You could create a lot of Action Rules that trigger only on ticket creation that could automatically add a note to the ticket based on the Location selected (perhaps that Note could be not visible to the Client users).  This drawback would be that it would essentially be one Action Rule per Location, so it would be a real pain to manage if you added/removed Locations often, and I'm not sure what kind of performance hit running thousands of Action Rules would have.


          It would make a good Feature Request.    I'd be interested if anyone else has ideas for this that i haven't thought of.