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    Problem Tickets


      I still haven't used this feature, but I am curious.


      Typically, when a "Problem" begins I get a ticket and I respond to it. Another ticket will arrive in a couple of minutes, and I can either setup a Problem Ticket (even though I have already responded to the original problem) or just treat the 2nd ticket as a separate ticket and respond to it as well.


      Over the next several hours, more tickets will come in. I then need to make a decision.


      So, my question is this (since I have never used this process).


      If I turn the original message into a "Problem" and Set the rest as "Incidents" Will the Clients of the "Incidents" receive emails with the notes on the original "Problem" and any other notes created before the "Incident" tickets?


      If I have a "Problem" ticket, and then 20 "Incidents" I may be responding throughout, but I would rather not need to respond to each and every one, but would like all the Incident Tickets to get the Notes associated with the Problem Ticket? Is that how it works?


      If not, how do people actually use Problem/Incidents in real life?