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    WHD Asset Management and Inventory Scanners


      Our department is fairly new to Web Help Desk (WHD) as well as Inventory Management. We've had great success manually entering most of our information resources into the asset database. However, what tools (ie. scanners or barcoding solutions) has anyone else used to automate this process? For example, how could we integrate mobile scanning devices that would allow us to scan equipment as it is sent or received via shipping and then have that automatically update asset records in WHD? All suggestions are appreciated.


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          you can use barcode scanners with WHD, but they are basically just text input devices.  Typically, people using them with WHD would use them with the spreadsheet template that we provide and scan the info into the spreadsheet, then import the spreadsheet to create/update the asset records.


          If you go that route, you should first create any Asset Custom Fields that you think you might need.   Then, go to Setup -> Data Import -> Import Assets and get a copy of the template (it should include the columns for the custom fields you previously made!).    now you can scan your data into the spreadsheet template, and then import it later.

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