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    Flexible netflow Cisco 4351 and Solarwinds Real-time Netflow Analyzer


      Having problems getting the Netflow analyzer to detect any Netflow traffic.  I have a wireshark capture from the monitoring station so I know the record traffic is making it to the end device.  However, all of the packets are "Bad Checksum" or not template found.  Below is a sample of the configuration:


      flow record NTA

      match ipv4 tos

      match ipv4 protocol

      match ipv4 source address

      match ipv4 destination address

      match transport source-port

      match transport destination-port

      match interface input

      match flow direction

      collect counter bytes

      collect counter packets

      collect interface output


      flow exporter NetFlow-to-SW

      destination x.x.x.x

      transport udp 2055


      flow monitor NETFLOW-MONITOR

      exporter NetFlow-to-SW

      cache timeout inactive 10

      cache timeout active 60

      record NTA



      Then I have the NETFLOW-MONITOR added to the interface that I would like to capture.


      Any thoughts or examples of this working on other (4000 Series ISR's)