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    Certain Web-based Report columns


      Hello there !


      I am building my reports via the Orion web-based reports and wanted to know if you guys know if these certain "reports columns" are there:



      - standard deviation


      Hosts (ESXi):

      - averaged CPU Use Ratio

      - averaged Memory Use Ratio



      - Free Ratio

      - Number of VMs connected

      - Response Time

      - Date&Time



      Oracle Direct NFS Table:

      - NFS Volume

      - Connected NAS Filer Name

      - Total Space

      - Provisined Space

      - Free Space

      - IO/Sec

      - Cache Hit Ratio

      - Avg Block Size

      - Avg Response Time



      I am looking for these table/columns for a (very) long time and can't find anything similiar.

      Maybe you guys know if it is possible to get these informations (maybe with the Report Writer, SWQL, or something else?)


      It would be really great if you could help me.


      Kind Regards and have a nice day ahead!