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    Solarwinds patch manager deadline "BUG" ongoing for at least 3 months


      We purchased solarwainds patch manager at the beginning of october and began using it to deploy updates. On one occasion we had a large amount of servers unexpectedly reboot during production hours. I had approved the patches and configured a deadline after close of business for the patches to begin installed. However due to a known bug in the product where Solardinds patch manager that converts all deadlines to UTC time the patches deployed 4 hours early.


      I contacted solarwinds support on 10/10/2016 and received the following response.



      Solarwinds: This is behavior we've seen with Patch Manager already.  In Patch Manager it is using UTC instead of the local time zone when dealing with Deadlines.
      I am going to send this case up to our developers so that they can be aware of you reporting the same behavior and link it to our existing case.


      Me: So is there no fix for this other than approving the deadline 4 hrs later than you want. This can cause a serious issue if patches and reboots are deployed at unexpected times.


      Solarwinds: That is the only work around for the deadlines calculating using UTC. That is why our developers are looking to a more permanent solution.

      The deadline itself doesn't determine when the package is installed, just the latest it can be installed.  Your Group Policy settings or the Update Management Tasks determine when a package is installed.


      I went on about my business figuring I would hear something back from solar winds regarding this insanely dangerous bug. I heard nothing back so I contacts support again on 10/30/2016 again receiving a blow off response


      Solarwinds: Hello Our developers are looking at incorporating this for a future release.


      I contacted solarwinds support on 11/28/2016

      Solarwinds: As mentioned in my previous reply this is being reviewed for inclusion in a future release.  As a result there is no ETA


      And again just today

      I haven't been informed of any ETA on a future release for Patch Manager. Just a reminder that you can work around this by either adjusting the time the deadline is set for in Patch Manager or by setting the deadline in WSUS


      Solarwinds charges thousands of dollars for license seats of this product with known, obvious and very dangerous bugs that they refuse to fix. This is absolutely unacceptable. Any solarwinds support personnel who may be seeing this feel free to contact me directly if you would like the case number or to discuss.

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          Yes they obviously need to fix this, however, just dont use deadlines.  Using deadlines to install updates is not very efficient.

          In your GPO, set computers to download and install and set the time and day you would like

          In patch manager, approve updates for target groups when you want them to install.  IE, If I have a regular user PC that installs updates every night at 7pm, I will not approve updates for that group unless I want the updates to install that night.  If I have servers that download but wont install until saturday at 6pm I can approve the server target group updates and then on saturday at 6pm they install.

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              In our environment deadlines work better than GPO, every environment is different as to what works best. Sometimes we need the flexibility of assigning a deadline versus the static time a GPO provides.


              In any case that is not the point I was trying to make. This product is marketing and charged for as an enterprise product. Features that are included in the product should work as expected. If I am paying for a product I do not expect to either have to use workarounds such as calculating UTC time and adjusting or re-engineering the patching process to use GPO.


              I had a call with a tech support manager and it seems like they have no intentions of fixing this issue. They are working on a new version of patch manager that will include the fix but they can not provide an ETA for it. So anyone who is currently using this product is stuck.