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    Updating MySQL database from email with third party webapp?


      We have our database set up on a MySQL server, and I have been asked to get it set up so that tickets will be generated and, as much as possible, fully populated from the body of an email.  I realize that Web Help Desk can create tickets from an email, but as far as I have seen so far, it basically just puts in the sender as the client and fills in the request detail with the body of the email.  Has anybody done anything with editing the database from outside Web Help Desk in order to get better client and/or ticket creation functionality? We are a small but growing division and we don't yet have people managing tickets 24 hours a day.

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          Not an exact answer to your question, but we have encountered similar difficulty.


          Based on subject lines and From email addresses, we have been able to do some routing using Action Rules and Processes, but not actual data manipulation.


          Conceptually, you could use the API to read in the details of new tickets and re-push the content of the custom fields. You would need to write the logic processor in the language of your choice, but that might be the most viable option.


          Logic/Workflow (Timer Based)

          Incoming Emails: Set to status of X

          API GET: Pull All Tickets with status of X

          for each ticket

               API GET: pull detail

               Parse Data into variables

               API PUSH: Update ticket custom fields

               API PUSH: Set ticket status to Y



          That's my .02 anyway.



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