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    snmp proxy/gateway

      I want to monitor devices that are behind a firewall. I don't want to install an other polling machine or install vpn/tunnel to the target network. So I want to use a snmp proxy/gateway on the firewall forwarding snmp pollings. Using net-snmp implementation for the proxy agent, i can differentiate the destination of the polling using OID or CONTEXTNAME (SNMPv3 only). How does Solarwinds interact with this? thanks
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          maybe i should explain better my problem,
          is there a way to use orion with a snmp proxy?
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              Hi there,

              No I don't have the answer, but I would like to know it! Please if someone here knows if Orion is able to poll devices via an SNMP proxy, I would be pleased.

              I need this feature because here we have many routers that are managed by 3 different telcos. One of them requires us to monitor via a SNMPv3 proxy.

              Thank you!