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    NPM 'niggles' and other random stuff I am encountering.


           Good afternoon.


      So I have installed all apps on a new box, built a new, shiny SQL clustered environment to ensure that things stay up.  I am looking to get funding for failover with solarwinds too.


      The thing is, I have the following problems:


      - New NPM 12 is REALLY slow.  I mean almost like old man trying to write a birthday card slow.

         - I don't think it's the spec of the machine, or what the machine has on (in terms of applications and nodes) It has five solarwinds applications on:

           - NPM

           - NCM

           - IPAM

           - WPM

           - SAM


      It is the following spec VM running in VMware 5.5, but an upgrade is on the way (these are gen 9 hp's) I checked with solarwinds and for our licensing, this would be perfectly fine spec.  Baring in mind, the SQL servers are exactly the same spec of machine.

        - 16gb ram

        - 4 cores (3ghz)

        - Windows server 21k12

        - These are attached to fast storage (it is on the same storage as the SQL databases)



      I type in the IP address (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) and it literally just freezes.  it sits there and it's 'waiting' I have tried IE, firefox and chrome (I even wanted to get Opera out.) and it just sits there waiting for the bus.  The only address that does work is xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/Orion/admin.  I have checked our older soalrwinds and have copied the exact same IIS settings to make sure it's not that (though we were using old software, hence the new build and not an upgrade).  I have ensured that all services and solarwinds services are running, done a reboot, rolled back a snapshot and re-installed and it is still doing the same results.


      There are only three nodes that are added to this server (SQL and solarwinds itself)  Am I missing something inside IIS (I am not an expert of IIS.) that stops me from connecting to this via the ip address and not from an account itself?