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    Alerts Configuration




      I have two lists of servers xx.ser-lot1 & xx.ser-lot2 is there away to send / receive alerts from them that if it comes from xx.ser-lot1 it goes to one person and if it comes from xx.ser-lot2 I want to monitor cpu usages & disk usage etc, but trying to get it so if a certain server is one list has an issue it will mail the relevant person.


      hope this makes sense. Thanks



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          Use a node custom property named "node_alert", or whatever you want to call it. Choose text format and fill it out for each node with the appropriate email address for that node. Then, in your alert Trigger Action, enter ${node_alert} in the To: field of the email action.

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              Thank you, so if a had 20 servers being monitors for cup usage and ram usage. 10 of this server are for one department and the other 10 for another department would I use the same custom property so if one of them has a high usage it alert showing which department it belongs too?


              Many Thanks