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    Work on Mobile App?


      Can someone from Solarwinds confirm whether there is work on an update to the Mobile App for Web Help Desk?


      Hoping that there will be an update to the iPhone app, and a new iPad app, with more computer like features. An Android app would be great as well.


      Now that we are on WHD 12.5, it seems the mobile app has been lacking, and I hope not forgotten. Our Techs have their mobile devices with them more than their computers.

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          stoopid it

          The iOS app store sends you an alert that the developer needs to update the app.  Must be 32bit, as those are being killed off this year.  Very strange that this isn't up to date- a lot of techs don't want to drag a laptop around with them for every task.

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            Barry Harris

            Just a suggestion from what I do....  I log into my WHD account using Chrome on my phone (not sure if just any phone browser would do but it might).  Once the login screen came up, I sent the page to my home screen on my phone so I could have quick access.  Also, as soon as I log in to my system on my phone, the system recognizes that I am on a mobile device and gives me the choice to use Mobile View or Standard View. I use standard View and turn my phone sideways to landscape so I can see the tickets better and I have full capability just as it I was on my laptop or desktop. Thought I would share this just in case you wanted to try it.



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              I'm actually developing an Android app, well technically it is developed already but it's still in testing.  So far the following functionality works:


              -creating and editing tickets (full custom field support)

              -my tickets list and group tickets list

              -search by ticket #, client, location, recent


              The layout is not finalized, settings page is not there yet.  Currently, it authenticates with your username/password to retrieve a session key which is used for any subsequent requests.  The session key expires in 30 minutes which prompts for a re-login with username/password.  I'll add in the ability to auto renew session key with username/password but haven't gotten to it yet.  Only have about a week and a half dev time put in but it's very functional for the small amount of time dedicated to it so far.


              If anyone is interesting in helping to test that would be greatly appreciated.


              EDIT:  Imgur link with screenshots - http://imgur.com/a/cREdI

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                It's definitely on our (short term) road map and when I have details that I can deliver I'll post in What we are working on.