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    2.0b4 using domain credentials based on groups


      I'm trying to configure group privs in EOC such that (i would expect/hope):

      when I add domain\group in and at bottom, set up site creds to use, I want the domain\user account to seemlessly go from EOC to either site using the same domain user creds they logged in with.

      is this how it works?


      basically, I left the username and pw blank hoping that is how it worked but, looks like not it (basically goes to grey/"object status unknown").

      TIA Team and mavturner

        • Re: 2.0b4 using domain credentials based on groups

          Hello njoylif,


          thank you for informing us about this problem. What you have described was behavior on EOC 1.6. We definitely want to keep parity with previous version, to ensure providing continuous and improving user experience. This feature is still on our list of scheduled work TODO, so it will appear in one of upcoming betas, where you can check if it is working according to your expectations. We will keep you informed new betas being released.


          Looking forward to your feedback.