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    Alert problem "Condition must exist for more than" not working in Alert Central





      I have a problem when i make a Alert whit these settings:


      Type of Property to monitor

      Custom Node Poller






      Evaluation Frequency of alert:            

      Every 15 seconds            



      Severity of alert:            



      Alert Custom Properties: (0)


      No Alert Custom Properties defined 


      Alert Limitation Category            

      No Limitation



      Trigger Condition:             




      Alert on all objects where:
      Custom Poller - Unique Name - is equal to - Ucc
      The actual trigger condition:
      At least one child condition must be satisfied (OR)
          Custom Poller Current Stats - Current Numeric Value - is less than or equal to - 9.5
        Custom Poller Current Stats - Current Numeric Value - is greater than or equal to - 35


      And i have the "Condition must exist for more than 10 min"


      The universal poller is set to poll every 1 min


      The value drops to 9.5 in 1 min and the alert is still trigging.


      Why is the Alert still trigging when the value just drop for 1 min??


      Hope for a god answer